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Here's my resumé (pdf) and my LinkedIn profile.

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Illustration & Graphics:
Photography & Fine Art:

Some works contain character designs © 2012 Neopets.com. All Rights Reserved.
Other works include character designs belonging to Disney and Disney Animation.

I'm a software engineer who enjoys working on front end code and user-facing products, implementing sleek designs to pixel perfection. I also like puzzles, hackathons and whimsical office decorations.

My Digital Media Design background from Penn is a mix of computer science and fine arts (including graphic design and 3D modeling/animation).

I'm presently working at Facebook in the Bay Area. I'm originally from upstate New York.

My current life goals include learning to whistle, acing a three ball cascade, becoming fluent in a foreign language, nailing a back handspring, and creating value in the world. Growing taller is also on the list. I think that one's out of my control, sadly.